Kome conference 2017

KoME, student conference at ISSBS

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On 13th of April Student Council of ISSBS organized 7th student conference KoME. This year’s topics were focused on entrepreneurship, opportunities in the European Union as well as social responsibility and volunteering. Entertaining guests made the conference really an exciting event.  Živa Lopatič and Tine Čokl from Zadruga Buna, Tatjana Klakočer and Nejc Volarič from e-commerce Vendy described their entrepreneurial experience and ways of …

Morocco Casablanca conference

Attending the AHRD International Research Conference

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From 2 to 4 November, we attended the conference focused on HRD. It was organized by Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco, with which good relationships have been maintained for many years. The title of the conference was Leading Human Resource Development Through Research. The conference is sponsored by Academy of Human Resource Development. In the context of the conference, we visited also …

Heida conference

HEIDA Project Conference

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September 22-23 2016 we will be welcoming colleagues from higher education institutions from Turkey and Europe to the project’s final conference in Istanbul. It is free to register and ideal for those working in internationalization at universities in an international office, academic unit or administrative units such as institutional research, strategic development, technology or data management. The conference will be held …

Makelearn conference Timisoara

MakeLearn Conference 2016 in Timisoara, Romania

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The title of the MakeLearn & TIIM conference in 2016 was Managing Innovation and Diversity in Knowledge Society through Turbulent Time, and it was organized from 25th to 27th of May in Timisoara, Romania. At the conference, 295 academics and Ph.D. students participated from 28 countries. As Programme Chair, Dr. Valerij Dermol coordinated the selection and review process resulting in the publication …

Conference Older Workers

International Conference ”Inclusive Human Resources Management Practices for Older Workers”

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In April 2016 ISSBS is organizing an international conference on Inclusive human resources management practices for older workers. Invited target groups (from EU program and partners countries) are HR managers, HEI education professionals and researchers & Alumni networks, key-actors in HRM and Employment Areas (HR professionals’ associations, business associations, inter-generation learning centers, organizations and public bodies in employment and social areas ), and …

KOME Conference 2016

6th KoMe Student Conference

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ISSBS is organizing the 6th Student Conference in April 2016. This conference brings together students and graduates of the Celje region and gives them the opportunity to present and publish their research results and ideas in the field of business, economics, and management. The conference is organized by Valerij Dermol who is also having the opening speech.

International Forum Moldova

Triangle Forum – Fostering Knowledge, Moldova 2016

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In February 2016 an international forum called “Fostering the Knowledge Triangle in Moldova: Steps towards European integration through education-research-innovation” has been organized and hosted by the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova in Chisinau, Moldova. Valerij Dermol was an invited lecturer and had a lecture “How can employability be ensured through continuous education and LLL activities : case study of Slovenia” at the …

Kosovo Conference 2016

International Conference on Quality and E-learning in Education in Kosovo

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In January 2016 this international conference has been organized by NGO Centre for Educational Research and Development, Kosovo (CERD), International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia (ISSBS) with support and participation of local and national authorities to the educational institutions in the Republic of Kosovo. Valerij Dermol was one of the organizers of the conference and he also had a presentation of his paper …