Social Responsibility and Volunteering at ISSBS

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On Thursday, 19. 6. 2016, during the national week of volunteering,  ISSBS students presented their experience gained during the implementation of an elective course in civic responsibility and volunteerism. Students presented their experiences with posters on the premises of the Faculty. Here is a short video about the event.

ISSBS summer school

Summer School – Million Euro Idea

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In September 2016, International School for Social and Business Studies will organize Summer School focusing on the creation of entrepreneurial ideas and development of skills on how to persuade potential investors to support the realization of the ideas. The Summer School will be delivered in the Slovene language at the location of the school in Celje. More information about the Summer School can be found on ISSBS’s …

MIC Conference

Editor’s Panel MIC Conference, Pula, Croatia

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On Friday, June 3, participation at Editor’s panel at MIC Conference in Pula, Croatia. The Editor’s Panel aimed to bring editors from international journals around the world to share their ideas about selection consideration, criteria for a potential publication and other aspects important for a submission preparation. This discussion benefited and strengthened possible publications among doctoral students as well as other faculties members. …

Makelearn conference Timisoara

MakeLearn Conference 2016 in Timisoara, Romania

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The title of the MakeLearn & TIIM conference in 2016 was Managing Innovation and Diversity in Knowledge Society through Turbulent Time, and it was organized from 25th to 27th of May in Timisoara, Romania. At the conference, 295 academics and Ph.D. students participated from 28 countries. As Programme Chair, Dr. Valerij Dermol coordinated the selection and review process resulting in the publication …

bangkok university

Visit and lecture at Kasetsart University in Bangkok

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During the last week of April, dr. Valerij Dermol visited Kasetsart University, Faculty of Engineering to discuss further cooperation between ISSBS and KU in the area of research and to deliver 9 hours of lecture about management IT systems. The visit was organised under the European Erasmus+ programme.

AQ Austria

International Accreditation of Two Study Programmes

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ISSBS has recently gone through an accreditation procedure of two international study programs by an Austrian agency – Agentur für Qualitätssicherung und Akkreditierung Austria (Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria – AQ Austria). The process has been led by Valerij Dermol and very demanding, but after some months it been successfully completed. Both the accreditations provide additional credibility to the ISSBS, as …


Seminar on Entrepreneurship for Young Researchers in Slovenia

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In March 2016 ISSBS has organized a seminar on entrepreneurship for young researchers and Ph.D. students from various faculties and research institutes in Slovenia. The seminar was organized by Valerij Dermol and led by Valerij Dermol and Gregor Jagodič. The topics of the seminar were the basics of entrepreneurship, legislative frameworks in the field of entrepreneurship, supportive environment, various forms of entrepreneurship, possibilities of …